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Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs Andrea Trigg, Co-Headteacher, Deputy DSL
Picture 2 Miss Yasmin Ravandi, Co-Headteacher, DSL
Picture 3 Mrs Laura Oliver, Assistant Headteacher, Class 4
Picture 4 Mrs Wendy Scott, School Business Mngr, Deputy DSL
Picture 5 Mrs Emma Warland, Admin Supervisor
Picture 6 Mrs Karen Vermeer, Admin Assistant
Picture 7 Mrs Marianne Sloane, Classteacher, Reception Class
Picture 8 Ms Belinda Griffiths, Class teacher, Class 1
Picture 9 Mr Eliot Law, Classteacher, Class 2
Picture 10 Mrs Lauren Egan, Classteacher, Class 3
Picture 11 Mrs Beth Luckett, Classteacher, Class 5
Picture 12 Miss Michelle Baxter, Tch Asst, Mid Supv,
Picture 13 Mrs Nicky Benwell, Teaching Asst & Midday Supv
Picture 14 Mrs Linda Chitty, Teaching Asst & Learning Mentor
Picture 15 Miss Ollie Lamb, Spe Nds Asst, Squirrel's Den Mngr
Picture 16 Mrs Jules Law, Teaching Assistant & Midday Supv
Picture 17 Mrs Debbie Pitt, Special Needs Asst & Midday Supv
Picture 18 Mrs Helen Polley, Teaching Asst & Midday Supv
Picture 19 Mrs Laura Smith, Teaching Assistant & Midday Supv
Picture 20 Mrs Kerry Webb, Special Needs Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs Sharon Wright, Teaching Assistant & Midday Sup
Picture 22 Mrs Venetia Lansdell-Cobb, Special Needs Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs Anne-Marit Kelly, Special Needs Assistant
Picture 24 Mrs Sarah Bornati-Jones, Midday Supervisor
Picture 25 Mrs Leslie Casaline, Midday Supervisor
Picture 26 Mrs Kay Powell, Senior Midday Supervisor
Picture 27 Mrs Ana Heller, Squirrel's Den Manager
Picture 28 Nick Brand, Caretaker