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w/b 04/01/21

For this week, my suggestion is that you practice the addition work we were doing before half term.


It would be great for you to practice adding numbers from 0-10, but if you would like a challenge, you can try and push yourself to adding numbers from 0-20.


Using objects really helps us when mastering this skill! In school we usually use cubes but at home you can use all sorts of things to help you! E.g. Pasta, pebbles, pencils, toy cars.


It would also be great to ensure you can still recall those number bonds to 10. Ask an adult to give you different numbers up to 10 and you can tell them what you need to add to it to make 10.

Hello Class 1,

You could also practise the 2D and 3D shapes that we learnt at the beginning of Year 1. You were fabulous at learning the shape names but can you still remember them? Have a go at the activities below to remind yourself. You could also draw a picture made out of the shapes that you know or make a repeating shape pattern. 

Keep learning and keep smiling.

From Mrs Sims X