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On this page, there are lots of different activities that your child can use to revise their addition. Before Christmas, we looked at adding a two-digit number and ones, tens and another two-digit number. We used dienes, bead strings and hundred squares to support the children with their addition. Below is a video that I made in lockdown #1 that you can use to support your child with addition at home. At this age, we don't expect the children to be using any kind of formal written method in their Maths work, so please don't introduce them to, for example, the column method, as this could confuse them at this stage. There is also a hundred square that you can download to help with adding tens (they can use it to find the first number and then move down, counting in tens). You could make a bead string, using hama beads, pasta, or actual beads if you have them! Ideally, each block of ten needs to be a different colour, as per the image below. There is also a printable version of dienes that you can cut out, or you could make dienes using, for example, something like sticks for tens and small stones for ones. Alternatively, they can be purchased on Amazon, if you search for 'Base 10' (you'll only need tens and ones).

Example of a bead string

How to support your child at home with addition

Still image for this video

Adding 2 Two-Digit Numbers