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Ashdown Forest

I hadn't shared this with you but we were supposed to be going on a Class 3 trip to the Ashdown Forest this half term.  Sadly, obviously, that has not been possible.  But that doesn't mean you can't try to recreate the trip in your home or with your family!!


The Ashdown Forest Education Group has sent us this link to an audio tour and quiz - all about the animals who call the Forest their home.  


If you have a chance, why not take a look.  There are some lovely bird songs to listen to and a fun quiz!


Or, if your family want to, you could always pop to the Forest for your daily exercise?   I went there with my boys and it is so beautiful.  I don't want to spoil too much for you but we saw ponies, birds, butterflies and even two adders.   Incredible!!


If you do make a trip there, please send some photos or you can draw some pictures of what you see, or even make a fact-file all about your visit.  


If you don't make it, I will pop some photos on here of what I saw :)



This is where we saw the two Adders
Look at all those trees
Ponies grazing - why is that?