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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Welcome to our class page where there will be lots of ideas about how you can practice your school learning at home!

I have loved getting to know you all for these first few weeks and getting started with lots of exciting learning.

If you would like to know the phonics phase your child is currently focusing on, please do ask smiley


Year 1 common exception words

There are 45 common exception words that children should ideally know how to read and spell by the end of year 1. These are words that defy the rules of phonics! We sometimes call them 'tricky words' because we can't reliably use our knowledge of phonics to sound them out when trying to read or spell them.

Below are links to some resources should you like to do some work on the words. There is a checklist where you can record which of the words your child can read and/or write. You can then use this to focus on the ones that need to be practised. There is a separate activity sheet for each word so that you can print off only the ones you need. There are also 'tricky word' practice games on the phonics websites listed in the phonics section of this class page.




We have been practising our handwriting by focusing on one letter family at a time:

curly caterpillars (c,a,d,g,q,e,s,f,o) - all start with a curve 

ladder letters (l,i,t,u,j,y) - all begin with a downward stroke

one-armed robots (r,b,n,h,m,k,p) - all begin with a downward stroke and up again without lifting the pencil

zigzag monsters (v,w,x,z) - have diagonal strokes


Here are some demonstration videos:





This half term we are learning about Castles! Before we begin our learning you can tell me what you already know by drawing and/or writing about it and then you can write some questions telling me what more you'd like to find out about them.



Keep moving! If you can't go outside, here are some fun videos to keep you active.

Remember to take breaks between your learning!


PE with Joe (The Body Coach)


Jumpstart Jonny


Jack Hartman (grown ups, you're going to LOVE this guy)




Cosmic Kids Yoga