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Class 2

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Click the link below to see Mrs Luckett's weekly 'hello' video!

Class 2 Outline of Possible Learning

Dear Class 2,

I was so looking forward to seeing you all again today after a lovely day with you yesterday. Like all the other grown-ups, I was very surprised and sad to find out that you wouldn’t be in school today. I have been busy uploading lots of learning for you to do for the rest of this week and, hopefully next week you’ll be able to see some videos of me talking through the learning you’ll be doing. We’ll be able to have a chat on Zoom next week too.  In the meantime, try to read to a grown-up every day (remember you can read picture books you might have at home, it doesn’t have to be a school reading book), do something that makes you move around, have a go at some of the activities on the website and, most importantly, smile and stay positive – we’ll all be back in the classroom together before you know it!

Love from Mrs Luckett, Mrs Smith and Miss East xxx


Dear Class 2 Parents,

So, here we are again, lockdown 3.0. If you’re feeling anything like me, you knew it was coming but it’s still pants. I fully understand that many of you will be contending with home learning on top of working yourselves. I will endeavour to keep the activities as straightforward as possible and I would suggest that setting your child up with everything they need and then leaving them to get on with something is really important, as it will help them to maintain a level of independence which they'll need when back at school. The website has a range of activities for the rest of this week but hearing your child read each day is by far the most valuable thing you can do! I will be in touch more next week, once we have some slightly different systems in place.

All the best (and good luck!!),

Mrs Luckett, Mrs Smith and Miss East