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Class 2

Dear Class 2, 


I can't believe we're entering our last 3 full weeks of this school year! I'm so happy to be able to see some of you for the next three Thursday afternoons. Please make sure you've been to the toilet and had a drink before coming into school. If you're not able to come in, I'll look forward to waving at you in Class 3 and catching up at play times.


I'll continue to put work on the school website until the summer holidays start, however, because I'll be seeing lots of you in school, I won't be doing any more Zoom meetings. I'll still be checking my class email account regularly, so feel free to send me bits on there!


Love from, 

Mrs Luckett, Miss East and Miss Baxter 

Dear Class 2 Children and Parents, 


I hope you all had a lovely half term break! The weather was so lovely wasn't it? 


There's some new Maths and English work for you to start this week and I'll continue to add other bits throughout the week, so do keep an eye out for new things. I've recorded the first 4 chapters of Hotel Flamingo for you to watch in your own time, they're under 'Story Videos' below. I'll be recording the next couple of chapters this week too. 


Starting this week, the Tuesday Zoom meeting will no longer be in the morning. I'll do it at 2pm and you can use the same invitation I sent out before half term. The Thursday meeting remains the same. 


I hope you're all keeping well and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom! 


Love from, 
Mrs Luckett, Miss East and Miss Baxter laugh


Hi Class 2 children and parents, 


I can't believe we're now in the final week of this half term. It feels very weird to think that you've now done more than half a term of home learning. There's a new English activity for this week and lots of resources to help consolidate various Maths concepts. Do what you can and I look forward to seeing you on Zoom on Tuesday and/or Thursday.


As always, I love seeing what you've been up to, so please continue to send through pictures to 


I won't be putting anything on the website for you over half term, and we'll have a break from Zoom calls that week too. Have a rest and enjoy the weather, which is supposed to be lovely next week!


Love from, 

Mrs Luckett, Miss East and Miss Baxter

Dear Class 2, 


I hope you've all had a lovely, restful Easter break with your families! The weather was great for most of it, so I hope you managed to get outside in the sunshine - I certainly did! Hopefully you've been reading lots...if you want to, you could send me a video or voice recording of you reading some of your favourite book? 


Parents, I've added some new English and Maths work for your child to be getting on with this week. From now on, the work I upload will be in the 'Week Beginning...' sections below. This should hopefully make it easier to navigate when I upload new things. I will leave everything that was uploaded before Easter below, so that, should you need to access it, it's there. 


I'd like to remind you that these are unprecedented times, what you're doing is not easy, so please don't feel pressurised to do everything that I upload. It's there should you need it. As before, I'm available to contact directly at I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If your child wants to email me directly, they can! It's lovely to hear from them and to see all the pictures I've been receiving of what they've been up to. 


Keep smiling!


From Mrs Luckett x


Dear Class 2, 


It's going to be a bit of a strange time for us all. Even though we're not in school and even though I won't be seeing all of you everyday, I'm still your teacher. I still care about each of you and I still want you to be trying your best with your learning. I'm here to help you and look forward to hearing all about how you're getting on. Feel free to email me telling me how you're doing and, grown-ups, please let me know if I can do anything to support your child's learning.


Love from, 


Mrs Luckett, Miss Baxter and Miss East 




Arithmetic - try to do 5 questions each day to keep up your skills with +/-/x/รท. You could just copy out the questions onto squared paper, rather than printing it off. Use a calculator to check your answers afterwards.

Topic - You can choose what you would like to do from the topic sections below.

Topic - Growing from household vegetables!


Our next Science topic will be about Plants. Now is a good time to think about doing some planting. If you've got some seeds that you can use, that's great. If not, this video has some interesting ideas for growing things from leftover vegetables. Have a look and see if there's any you could do!


Another easy thing to do would be to take some seeds from inside a tomato or pepper, dry them out on some kitchen roll for a couple of days, then plant them! I'd love to see if any of you manage to grow anything! (Thanks to Miss East for her expert advice on this one - I'm not particularly green fingered!)



PE - Try to do something active each day. If you can't go outside, here are some videos you could try...

RE - Easter is not far away, so Miss East has prepared this Easter story activity for you to do. Once you've done it, you could try making an Easter Garden like the ones in the pictures.



This website lets you create your own works of art! Have fun and be creative!

Our Trip to Ashdown Forest - I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos from our trip last week!