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Class 3

A massive THANK YOU to you all for all the wonderful gifts you have so kindly given me. I absolutely love my bag, such a special gift, thank you all. I am so very grateful. It has been a pleasure to teach you all this year, both in the classroom and at home.  I hope you all have a very restful summer break. 


I am struggling (very annoyingly) to get the last few videos including Mr Gum uploaded. I am trying so watch this space! 


Later in the week, I will upload some activities you can do through the summer if you want to. But don't forget to have a break too - you want to come back to Class 4 fresh and ready to learn!


Have a great week.

See you all soon,


Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Polly and Mrs Chitty xxx

Have a look at all the wonderful things Class 3 have been doing at home.  Click on the above link to enjoy the gallery!



'You're a Bad Man, Mr Gum!' By Andy Stanton.... read by Mrs Johnstone!


I hope you enjoy listening to this story - I have started it again in case you have forgotten what happened.  But I remember you all found it very funny so I hope you enjoy!


I will be reading the next few chapters to you at our Monday school session.




Our new topic is 'Living Planet'.  What were you able to find out about our new topic over the Easter holidays?  I would love to see any drawings you made or any information you managed to find out.


ART - After Easter, we are going to start studying the work of William Morris.  Can you find out about who he was and the style of artwork he created?  Do you like his artwork? 


Science - we have just finished our work on rocks.  The children were going to explore the school grounds to see what rocks they could find.  If you can, perhaps they could explore what rocks are in their garden or the local woods and maybe even dig some up and think about the characteristics of the different rocks.   


Mon 30th March - our next topic for science after Easter is going to be plants and animals.  There are some beautiful spring flowers around at the moment, which you might have in your garden or find out and about on a walk in your local area.   You could draw some of the plants and flowers you see and start to think about the different parts of the flowers, what parts do they all have?  Can you label your picture of the flower?  Science sheets will be uploaded here shortly as well.


P.E. - Don't forget Joe Wicks at 9am!


We appreciate there is a lot of information here, please take your time with it.   The children will need plenty of time to rest and relax too after a very busy 4 weeks so far!  


Any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Pearce x

Roman numerals

SPAG sheets

DT- This is similar to the toy we saw at Fishbourne, I hope you enjoy making it and playing with it, you can use felt pens to decorate it and make them for others in your family to try! Mrs Pearce x

Some wonderful things for you to look at and try...

Easter RE- There is a power point to watch then an activity sorting picture cards. There are 3 levels of sheets first has some text, second has a little ,third has none at all . These are increasing in difficulty to match your child's ability.

Class 3 have been learning about The Romans. In class the children moved around five different activities to awaken their interest and learn some new skills…

Reading about the discovery of a Roman coin
 Using a paint brush to uncover pieces of potttery
Using atlases to find Roman towns in England
 Colouring pictures of Roman inhabitants
Making a wreath using card, leaves and a stapler!