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Class 4

Monday 11th January


Dear Class 4,


I hope you are all well :) All the teachers are working really hard to make sure you have lots of fun learning from home.  


Please check the class timetable at the start of the week to help you with your lessons and I look forward to Live Video Chatting with you on Friday.


All the best,


Mr Skates

Week 2 Mr Skates Monday welcome

Still image for this video

Tuesday 5th January


Dear Class 4,


I hope you are all well :)  I have attached a lesson timetable for this week that explains each activity.  I have also created subject folders for Maths, Literacy and Topic.


There is a separate folder for Spellings (Spag) which includes all of the spelling test words for the Spring Term. 


Have a great week.


Kind regards,


Mr Skates

Welcome to Class 4!


Hello and welcome to everyone in Class 4.  I am so pleased to be teaching such a hardworking and dedicated class.  I know that for many of you returning back to school after such a long period of time has been very daunting.  However, both myself and the rest of the staff at Felbridge Primary have been amazed by your great attitude to learning.  Keep it up!


Remember to read regularly to an adult at home every night and please continue to practice your spellings!


Working at home:  I have included some helpful resources below that an adult at home can help you with.  I hope you find these helpful.


Kind regards,


Mr Skates

Welcome to Class 4


Dear Class 4,


Well, we made it to our last home learning week. We can't believe this moment has arrived. You have all done so well under such difficult circumstances. You should all give yourselves a big pat on the back! Just one last push before starting your well-deserved holiday. Try to keep your motivation going a bit longer.

Keep posting all the super learning that you are doing. We will be sharing with Mr Law what you have been up to. (Please don't panic about uploading loads of work). We're very proud of what you have accomplished and simply want to share it. 

We look forward to seeing you on Monday (13th) for our final catch up as Class 4. If you have found a good riddle, don't forget to bring it along!


Keep safe, keep happy, keep curious!


Love from 

Mrs R and Mrs S xxx



Easter Break - websites that might interest you


This is Carol Vorderman's maths website. It might help you to go over some of the units we have learnt about so far (place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals).

This website provides audio stories. Make sure you are on the 'elementary' page. Try to read everyday!


The scouts provide lots of indoor activities on their website. Have a go!


This is a coding website. Choose an activity. Watch the introductory tutorial. Have a go at the activity. If you like it, you can create your own account to save your progress. 


General points

Maths - keep practising your time tables up to the 12x. It is better to practise for a few minutes every day rather than once a week for an hour. There are plenty of resources online to help you do this. (scroll down to number 4) (Up to 12x) (Up to 15x)


I'll be assigning tasks on Mathletics. These tasks will consolidate the learning we have covered so far. You can practise your mental maths skills on Live Mathletics with children from around the world. 


Reading - Please read daily. This can be from books, encyclopedias, online newspapers etc. If you find something interesting, write a blurb and email me. I can share it with the class. 


Get practical - help your parents if they need it. For example, you can practise maths by weighing ingredients; sorting - matching socks after laundry has been done, putting cutlery away, sorting your cupboards/toys - think about how you could classify all the items. Practise telling the time from an analogue/digital clock. If your parents are making a sandwich, practise giving instructions on how how to do this. Be clear!  


If you get restless, it's the perfect time to get creative. Make up a new game! You could make a code from the letters on a page you are reading; treasure hunt for a brother/sister, use recycling items to make a sculpture, draw, create a cartoon. Use your imagination before you log on to play a game. 


Any ideas you come up with, email them to us and we'll share them with the class. 


Love from Mrs Ruffels and Mrs Shaw x



Here are a couple of website address to practise your art skills.

(develops drawing skills)

(easy crafts)




The above YouTube channel will help you with Science. Each week has a theme. Last week was Garden Week. This week is all about Brilliant Bodies. Maddie Moates streams live everyday at 11am. You can follow her lessons or dip in and out of lessons that interest you. Let me know what you get up to or anything that you found interesting. 


With a parent, research the Antarctica Treaty on the following website:


Look at the Imagine Explorers documemt. Work through the different points. In the 'Reimagine' section, create a poster using a word document. Think about all the skills we have learnt so far: font style, font size, font colour, underline, inserting and formatting an image. Insert a text box or shape to include written work.  


Complete the Antarctica wordsearch.



GEOGRAPHY RESOURCES Week beginning 23.3.20

P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Day one of my 9am daily workouts


David Walliams
David Walliams is releasing an audio book everyday for you to listen to. Click on the link below...

English - Arthur and the Golden Rope


In English, Class 4 have been reading the book Arthur and the Golden Rope. We have reached the point in the story where the main character, Arthur, is in the position where he is the only one who can save his town. In order to do this he has to go on a quest to the Land of the Viking Gods. We debated whether he should go on this dangerous quest.