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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Hi Class 5, 

How are you all doing? What a strange time we all find ourselves in. I hope you're getting on okay with all of the home learning I set you last week and it's keeping you busy. If you do have any problems please make sure you email me for help on, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. I really enjoy seeing what you're all up to at home as well, so please do tell me what you have been doing or even send some pictures! 

I have set a few more activities below. Very well done to Harrison who managed to win last weeks PE challenge with a time of 15.06! laugh If you can beat my time make sure you film yourself doing it and tell me the time you managed to set! 

Stay safe and keep smiling, 

Mr Law



Week 2 PE challenge (agility)

Congratulations to last weeks winner Harrison with a time of 15.06 seconds!

Mr Law's PE challenge!

Week 1 PE challenge (in slippers!)

Be sure to tune into Joe Wicks each morning to get your heart pumping!

Home Learning
Mathematics for WB/ 30.3.20
We have now come to the end of our learning on fractions, decimals and percentages. As a result this week will look different depending on how well you have understood the learning this term. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to ensure you are doing the correct learning. 

Monday- End of Block Assessment (try to do this independently)

Once you have completed this please send your score out of /20 and how confident you have felt with this unit to me ( Make sure you're honest as this will really help us in our learning when we get back to school. smiley
Tuesday and Wednesday

Friday- End of Term Reasoning and Problem Solving

Once you have completed your writing why not assess it against the Year 5 writing standards? Can you make this piece even better? What can you include tomorrow that you forgot to today?

ART- Watch the following video and have a go at drawing some 3D shapes, see if you can apply shading like the man in the video.

Don't worry about having all the equipment, just have a go with what you have at home.