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Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

Dear Class 5,

As most of you are returning to school the way I set the learning will change slightly. Please see below the changes and how they may affect you.


Maths- I will continue to set this work in the same way as last week, however the school aligned work will supplement the work that you will have done in school. Do not feel you need to complete all of the activities.


Literacy- For SPAG I will continue to set supplementary learning covering what we have discussed in school that week. Our writing tasks we will cover within our topic at school and as a result I will not be setting any writing tasks online. If you are not coming into school, I would advise you to continue to follow the Bitesize lessons as these will offer a good balance.


Topic- We will be covering a stand alone topic in school so I will not be setting any topic work online. Like the Literacy I would advise you all to have a go at the 3rd lesson on Bitesize each day and of course have a go at trying to beat your score on the PE challenge each week.


If you are not coming into school please do not feel that you can not have a go at any of the school learning. It is your choice as to what you cover, I hope that by setting two lots of learning in this way I am able to cater for all of you.


Zoom- From this week scheduled Zoom calls will also stop. I do however check my emails daily, so if you have any problems, need some extra learning or just fancy a chat to tell me what you have been up to please do drop me a message!


Keep safe and Keep smiling,

Mr Law

Look at what we have done!

Take a look below at some of the fantastic work that some of us have completed below. If you would like to share your work with the class then please email it to me and I will ensure it is uploaded. smiley


Continue to find the corresponding day’s lesson and complete. Make sure you watch the video. If you are finding the learning too challenging, either jump back a step or have a go at the learning for that day in class 4.


If you would prefer to please choose the learning that is 'In school aligned' this will only cover the new content, but in far more detail. There are no accompanying explanations for these however and I will explain these activities to you when you are in school. 


This week I am also uploading learning related to the topics I will be covering in school for literacy. It is your choice if you continue to use the Bitesize lessons or the work I have set (or both!). 


Bitesize can be found at the link below.

Once you have completed your writing why not assess it against the Year 5 writing standards? Can you make this piece even better? What can you include tomorrow that you forgot to today?


Week 4- I have not created a challenge for you this week. Instead please head over to sign up, have a go at the activities and make sure you submit your score!

I will be continuing to set weekly PE challenges, on a Tuesday, based around ABC skills!

Well done to following weekly winner so far.

Week 1- Co-ordination- Harrison- 15.06 seconds

Week 2- Agility- Florrie B- 12.85 seconds

Week 3- Balance- Jack and Katie- 8 socks each

Week 5- George's Challenge- Alex 12.78 seconds

Also be sure to tune into Joe Wicks each morning to get your heart pumping!

PE Challenge Week 8 ft Lucy and James!

Week 7 PE Challenge ft Sofia!

PE Challenge Week 6 ft Alex!

PE Challenge Week 5 ft George!

Massive well done to last weeks winner Jack and Katie with 8 socks each!

Week 3- PE challenge (balance)

How many socks can you put on your head whilst blindfolded and on one leg? Well done to Florrie B who was last weeks winner with 12.85 seconds.

Week 2 PE challenge (agility)

Congratulations to last weeks winner Harrison with a time of 15.06 seconds!

Mr Law's PE challenge!

Week 1 PE challenge (in slippers!)