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Class 6


Please start the week by watching our Monday morning message.  The timetable is in the tab below, please feel free to follow this as much as you can.  There will be pre-recorded English lessons from Mrs Johnstone on most days - please keep an eye on the English tab through the week.  There will be other pre-recorded lessons going up through the week from both of us so please keep looking on this web-page.  When you have finished your work, please ask an adult to take a photograph and send it to us for feedback.


Have a great week!

Week beginning 4.1.21


Dear Class 6,


Well, here we are again back in lockdown after getting off to a great start on Monday. It's not ideal, however, feel rest assured that everything will be ok. We are working hard to make sure that you can continue to enjoy your learning. 

We have decided to not continue with World War 2 for online learning as we feel this is such an interesting topic and we have some lovely activities planned that we prefer to do with you at school. So, our topic for this half-term is going to be World War 1 which we think will be equally as enjoyable. Our class reader for this topic will be Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo. Mr Law and ourselves will be reading this to you. Watch out for these posts!

For this week, we have provided a suggested timetable to help you organise your time. You can follow this if it works for you. If not, we advise that you form a daily structure to your learning. You'll see that you have Maths and English tasks each day, plus a task for Science and History. There is also optional extension tasks. Please try to keep up with your daily reading. Reading is so important.  

We'll also have the chance to catch up via a zoom call next week. We'll have the opportunity to answer any questions or address any worries that you might have.  

So, this situation is not ideal, however we must make the most of it. Try to stay positive about your learning, keep safe and keep smiling.


Love from Mrs J and Mrs R xxx

WB- 04.1.21






Understanding percentages


NHS Reading Comprehension



Read and watch ‘What were the causes of WW1?’

Create a fact file on this information.


Fractions to percentages


Turn over a new leaf…

Complete the ‘Question Time’ and ‘Sentence Challenge’ activities.











Equivalent Fractions-Decimals-Percentages



Modal Verbs

Complete activities 1-3

Science- Animals including humans

Describe the changes as humans develop to old age Follow the PowerPoint and complete the activity; creating a fact file.

Extension Work

Challenge Task- Problem-solving involving percentages

Mathletics- Complete the percentages activities on Mathletics (please contact the school if you require your login details)

Thursday’s task has an extension activity to continue writing the story.


Present one of your fact files, for either History or Science, to a member of your family.