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This week, I would really like the children to do some 'free' writing.  I have set out below a link to a website which I would like the children to look at.  There are a series of pictures that I would like the children to look at and think about.  They can do this with you or you can leave them to it.  Each picture then has a series of questions underneath it, which the children can answer to start recording their ideas about the pictures.  The idea is that the children can go where they want with it, so they might want to use the picture as the basis for a short story or maybe write a diary from the perspective of a character or even write a poem about what they see.  The idea is that they do their own 'free' writing but the questions on the website can prompt and steer their writing.  


They can just look at one or two pictures if they want, or more if they like it.


I will set some further free writing lessons later in the week, but I would love to see what the children make of these pictures and the questions.


As always, I would love to see what the children do, so please feel free to send a photo.



More free writing....


If you would like to have a go at some more free writing, watch the video called the 'Lighthouse'.  There are some questions under the video to answer as you are watching and some questions to direct your writing.


You could:

  • write the story of what happened from the viewpoint of the lighthouse keeper/ the ship’s captain/ a cabin boy or one of the villagers;
  • the event could be written up as a newspaper article or the keeper’s log;
  • write a poem about ‘the storm’;
  • write explanations of other ideas for saving the ship;
  • write a list with ‘ten ways to stop a lighthouse keeper from being bored’;
  • find out about lighthouses and write a fact file;
  • design the perfect lighthouse.;
  • write the story that explains why the keeper is alone in the lighthouse, etc

Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!