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If you'd like to carry on with any previous English activities, that's fine. If you need something new, this is what you can do. 


This week, you should think about writing a setting description. This will be a bit like the character descriptions we did, but instead of writing about a character you're writing and describing a place. Below are some examples of what a good setting description looks like. It's a good idea to read a couple of these and think about what they include, before you try to write your own. 


Underneath the examples, there is then a website and a document with lots of images to choose from. Pick an image you like (make sure it's an image of a place, not a character), then describe that place for me. Think about every detail of that image. You might want to just write down some describing words before you write your description in sentences, or you could print the image and label it with things you want to include. It would be lovely to see your descriptions so that I can try to imagine the place you're describing.