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We are going to finish this half term with another Poetry week, as we all enjoyed the Haiku's so much!


There are two parts to this week - the first half is writing Kennings and the second half is Performance Poetry.  But as always, just feel free to pick and choose what you want to do.




Read through the power-point so that you understand what a Kenning is.


Then there are three tasks for you to complete, but you don't have to do them all.


1) If you want some practice before starting your own Kenning, try the Penguin sheet (turning a verb into an 'er' noun).


2) Write a Kenning about an animal - this should be fairly easy to do.  Think about what your animal does, how does it move, when does it go out, what does it eat?


You can plan your Kenning first using the sheet, then have a go at writing one in neat.  You could even send it to me without letting me know what the animal is and then I will have to guess!


3) Write a Kenning about yourself.  This might be slightly trickier as you will need to think carefully about your distinguishing features, things you like and dislike , your hobbies and personality.  There is a planning sheet and a write up sheet.


4) Write a Kenning about whatever you like!  Again, if you send it to me, can I guess what your Kenning is about?


I can't wait to read your Kennings - have lots of fun!   



If you have finished your Kennings and want to have a go at something a little different, why not try some performance poetry for the end of this final week - I love teaching this so I am sad not to be with you but I hope you will all have fun with it at home!


Performance poetry is exactly as you would expect - performing a poem!  The way you say the poem, the movements you make with your body, should all bring the poem to life.  These poems are designed to sound good when they are read or said aloud.


There are three poems here for you to read and perform.  I have put some questions next to each poem, which are just things for you to think about when you perform the poem.  For each poem, you might need to practice your performance a few times and then share it with your family.  I am sure they would love to see it - as would I, so if you are able to video it or voice record it, do feel free to send it to me and we can fill up the gallery!



Poem 1: The School Kids' Rap


Read the poem and couple of times through first without trying to perform it so you get a good feel for it.  Then start to think about your performance, focusing on:



-Sound effects


-Body Position/actions etc

Then have fun performing it!

Poem 2 - Surrounded by Noise


This is a completely different poem, look at the way it's set out.  Why do you think it is set out like this?  Why are some words in capital letters?  Look at the punctuation being used.  How does this affect how you want to perform it?  


Think about using the volume in your voice carefully when performing this poem.  You might want to add some sound effects too!  

Poem 3: The Sound Collector


This is my favourite poem.  Think about how you can use sound effects again and movements with your body, such as swishing your arms for the curtains and making swishing sounds.  Which line do you like the most and why? 


If you would like an extra challenge, go on a 'sound walk' around your home.  Can you add some of your own lines to the poem and then perform them too?   

Watch the author of the poem reading it on this video - can you do a better job than him?!