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For English, this week, I'd like you to use one of the dandelion videos below. When I was younger I used to love blowing dandelions and watching as the seeds scattered into the air and flew away. 


I'd like you to choose how you use the video to inspire some writing for me. Here are some ideas...


- Write a story from the perspective of one of the seeds which gets blown into the air. What happens to it? Does it get caught in a tree? Does it find one of its friends? Does it reach the ground again and grow into a new dandelion?

- Write a poem about the way the dandelion seeds disperse (that means spread out). 

- Write a detailed description of how the seeds fly away. Think about how they move and turn and fly in the breeze.

- Write a diary entry from the perspective of one of the seeds that blows away, or from the perspective of the stem that's left behind after all the seeds blow away. 

- Go and find a dandelion of your own. Blow it and write a description of how it feels to watch the seeds fly high into the sky. 

- Describe how the dandelion changes in the second video over time. What happens to it? How does it look different from start to finish? 

- You could research the flower and write an explanation of the process it goes through in its life.


I can't wait to read some of your brilliant writing! Remember, use your handwriting book, gel pen for capital letters and purple pen to edit and improve your work!