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I would love to read about what you have been able to do over the Easter holidays so I would like you to write a recount of your favourite activities from Easter. 


This would usually take us about three lessons so please take your time with each step.  There is a power-point to remind you of what to include in a recount.  We have done this before – think about your recount of our trip to Fishbourne.     


  1. Start by planning your recount.  Remind yourself what you did and what you want to write about and start to order the activities.  I have attached a planning sheet for you to use. Write in bullet points, not full sentences. This is you chance to collect your thoughts and you can use this sheet to help with the writing in Step 2.  Please do send me your plan if you would like to me check it.
  2. Write up your recount.  Use a dictionary and the word mat to help you if necessary.  This will be your first draft so you can make changes to it as you are going along or at the end.  Once you have finished it, again I would be happy to have a look and give you some feedback.
  3. Write it up in neat.  Try to use your neatest handwriting.  I have attached an Easter sheet for you to present your recount on.  You can choose which to use and feel free to add any pictures of what you have been doing.  I would love to see the finished piece. J





If you want to do any more writing this week, here are a couple of nice ideas for you:


1) This was an idea from Nevaeh (it was a competition which has now closed but the idea is still lovely).  Call a friend or a relative over the age of 60.  Ask them to tell you a story about a time from their past - it can be about anything as long as it happened at some stage in their life.  Then write a story about it.  You can send it back to them, as I'm sure they would love to read it and so would I!  


2) Write a letter to a friend or relative.  Tell them about what you have been doing and find out their news.  You could draw a picture and ask them to write back to you.


3) I know lots of you are doing lots of great reading at home.  I thought it would be nice to share your book recommendations.  So if you read a book which you really enjoy, complete a book review (there are 2 to choose from) and then I will pop it in our class gallery for others to see.  Hopefully someone else in the class will enjoy your book recommendation.