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This week, I would like you to cast your minds back to before the Easter holidays - it feels a long time ago doesn't it!!


When the school closed we were learning about imperative verbs and looking at the features of a set of instructions.  


I would now like to put all of our learning together and would like you to write your own set of instructions.  I am going to suggest that you write a set of instructions for how to make a jam sandwich.  This is what we would have done at school, with you then following the instructions to make the jam sandwich, yum!!  But as you are all at home and will have more choice (or perhaps don't like jam!) I am happy for you to write the instructions for whatever you would like.  As long as you include everything that instructions need to have, I don't mind!  Whatever you do, please make sure you get help in the the kitchen if you need to use a knife.


I have set out the lessons as follows for this week:


Lesson 1:   We should remind ourselves about what we learnt before Easter so I have attached a powerpoint about imperative verbs.  There are two worksheets (one is slightly easier as it has a word bank to help if you need it).  There is another sheet with an imperative verb hunt to have a go at.  We also need adverbs of time (or time adverbials) for a set of instructions - can you make a mind - map of all the adverbs of time you know?  


Lesson 2:  Look through the powerpoint to remind yourself about the features of instructions. 


Your instructions will need to have:

- Headings and sub-headings

- A 'What you Need' section

- A 'Method' section

- Present tense

- Bullet points or numbering for each new step

- Time adverbials for each new step

- Imperative verbs - remember to be bossy!

- Clear and concise language

- If you want..... pictures for each step

- If you want..... a top tip!


Then have a go at writing your instructions.  Use the success criteria above to help you make sure the instructions have everything they need.  You can use the attached sheet if you would like some help with the structure or you can write it all yourself.  Please do send me your instructions if you want to.


Lesson 3:  Follow your instructions. How easy were they to follow?  Did you manage to make your jam sandwich?  Use the evaluation form to self - assess your instructions.  I would love to see photographs of what you make. 


Have fun!



1) Remember to write a book review if you want to recommend a good book to others in the class.

2) Why not write a diary of your life at home?  This is such an unusual time, it would be nice for you to be able to look back in a few years time and remind yourself of everything you did in lockdown 2020!  Don't forget to start each entry with the date and 'Dear Diary'.  It's a place for you to write about all the things you have been doing and also how you are feeling each day. 


Or you could use the attached sheets to help you.