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I would like you to write a reflective piece of writing about your time in lockdown and how you have been feeling about your learning. I would like to give your writing to Mr Law so he has a good idea about your experiences. Please ask your parents to email (not seesaw) me your work which I will collate, print off and pass on to Mr Law. 

There is no set format for your work. You can either hand-write it up, scan it or take a photo or create a word document and type your work. 


Title: 'Lockdown Reflection'

Think about the different stages of lockdown: the first two weeks/middle part, lockdown routine/last two weeks, easing of lockdown etc. 

Explain how much learning you were able to do. Were you working independently because your parents were working or did you have some adult support? What lessons did you keep up with? What lessons/learning did you struggle with? Did you pursue any other learning/passions? How did you manage your time to stay motivated? Was staying motivated an issue? Is there anything else you would like to add that you would like Mr Law to know?


Remember to plan your writing first. Create a mind map to organise the points that you would like to include. Then write your lockdown reflection. Remember, to proof-read your writing. Can it be improved?


Please work through the summer booklet this week, which reviews objectives from year 4.