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For your English work this week, you can finish off the stories you were writing last week, if you didn't manage to get them done. If you want to write a new, different story you could!


If you've finished with your story, it's time to get busy with your purple pen! Writing is a process and it's important that we remember, what we write first, may not be the best it could be. Here is a list of things for you to check, edit and improve in your stories:


- Check you have used a capital letter and full stop in every sentence. 

- Check that every sentence makes sense (it helps to read your writing out loud).

- Underline any words you don't think you've spelt correctly, then look them up and correct them.

- Underline any words you've used that could be made more exciting, then think of and add a better word (e.g. have you used the word 'big'? Could you use 'colossal' instead?).

- Is there a beginning, middle and end to your story? 

- Have you described your main characters? Use what we learnt when we wrote character descriptions before Easter to help you describe the characters in your story, when we first meet them.

- Have you described where your story is set? We haven't done setting descriptions yet, but you could have a go at describing where your story is set, a bit like how you'd describe a character.



Once you'v thoroughly checked, edited and improved your story, you could think about making it into a proper book. Fold some pieces of paper in half and secure with a staple of some ribbon down the spine. Then you can write up your story with a front cover and create illustrations to go with it!


As always I'd love to see any of the writing you've done, so please send it my way.