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This week we are going to look at Haiku poems.  I would like you to have a go at writing a Haiku about Spring.  Remember, as always, this work is here for you to do if you want to / are able to.  There is no pressure to do all of this, so dip in to it as you wish.


There is a powerpoint to cover 4 lessons - they are all quite short lessons/tasks.  I am excited to read all your poems!


Lesson 1:  

Read the Haiku examples and look at the structure of a Haiku.  The task is below - you need to fill in the missing words so that the Haiku's make sense.  You can write the Haiku's out in your book or print off the powerpoint and write them straight in.

Lesson 2:


Now you need to start getting some ideas for words you can use in your Spring Haiku.   Your task is to write a mind-map of words associated with Spring.

Lesson 3:  Now have a go at writing a first draft of your Spring Haiku.  Use yesterday's mind-map and the word bank on the powerpoint to help you.  Send me a photo of your first draft if you can, I would love to see what you have written and can give you some feedback.

Lesson 4:  

The final task is to write your Haiku up into neat.  Use the sheet below.  Write in your neatest handwriting and you can decorate your poem with Spring pictures if you like.


I would love to see the final piece so feel free to send me a photo!



If you finish your Haiku, and want to do some more English work, why not write a diary.


Here are two sheets you could use, one is writing a diary from the viewpoint of a soldier and the other is from someone at a VE Day party.  I would love to read what you can write!