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This week, for English, your child can practise their predicting. Below is a link to a brilliant website. Your child should choose an image, spend some time just looking at it and thinking about what they can see. You could chat with them about it or just leave them to it. They can then look at the questions below the image and try to answer some of them in their handwriting lined book (please continue to ensure anything written by hand, goes in there, it will be really beneficial for handwriting in the long run! Also, please continue to encourage: use of a gel pen for capital letters and fulls stops; a purple pen for checking/editing; reading aloud their work to ensure it makes sense; your child to write independently when possible). If they wanted to, after answering the questions, they could write:


- what happens next as a short story

- the dialogue that the characters might be having

- a diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters at the end of that day


This is the website link: