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We have been practising our handwriting by focusing on one letter family at a time:

curly caterpillars (c,a,d,g,q,e,s,f,o) - all start with a curve 

ladder letters (l,i,t,u,j,y) - all begin with a downward stroke

one-armed robots (r,b,n,h,m,k,p) - all begin with a downward stroke and up again without lifting the pencil

zigzag monsters (v,w,x,z) - have diagonal strokes


Here are some demonstration videos:

If your child is still needing to practise letter formation, you can download the wider starter lines as the lines used in Year 2 are very narrow and formation really needs to be accurate and pencil control steady before using them.

Once your child has good pencil control and accurate letter formation, use the practice sheets below to familiarise them with the narrow lines they'll be using in Year 2.

There is also a blank page of lines for any other writing they might do, such as story or diary writing - it will be good to practise sentence writing on them.