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As before, I would like you to continue with the White Rose maths lessons.  I have attached the link at the bottom of this page.  This week we are starting on the "Summer Term - Week 2 (w/c 27 April) lessons.  We are carrying on with fractions again, this week adding and subtracting them and doing some problem solving. 


I have also uploaded new fractions activities on mathletics so have a go at those as well if you would like to.


I will again be adding some extra worksheets for those of you who would like an extra challenge.  


BBC Bitesize now has daily maths lessons - they don't follow the fractions work we are doing but there is no harm in having a go at something different.  See you what think - they look really good!

Some of the fractions work last week and this week involves ordering fractions.  Sorry this is a bit belated but a fractions wall might really help you with this.  I have attached one below so take a look.

N-Rich challenges:


If you want a further maths challenge, try these ones on the N-Rich website.  This is a great website for seeing maths in different ways and thinking more deeply about maths.  Give some of these tasks a go if you fancy a challenge!