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This week, you'll be working on money including pounds and pence, ordering money, estimating money and problem solving. If your parents have any change, have a look at the coins and their values. You could practise adding up a small pile of coins. You could pretend to spend a small pile of coins, then work out how much change you would get from £2, £5 or even £10. We haven't covered much on this unit, however, your knowledge on decimals will help. If you need help, please email me!

I've also attached the daily mental maths tasks. Pick the level you feel comfortable. Time yourselves up to 15 mins. If you wish to work longer you may or you can work more on a particular task later on to practise more. This week, you are looking at consolidating more addition and subtraction. Challenge Champion Day 4, you have a choice of two worksheets. I will go over the 'missing number' worksheets during our zoom session.