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This week I would like you to continue with the White Rose maths lessons.  We are now onto Week 2.  I have attached the link at the bottom of this page.


I have also uploaded new fractions activities on mathletics so have a go at those as well if you would like to.


I have now added some extra worksheets for those of you who would like an extra challenge.  These relate to equivalent fractions which were started today and continue into next week.   With the discussion problem questions, feel free to chat with a parent about these or email me.


The lovely thing about fractions is that you can see fractions in your home and all around you.  Maybe your family will share a pizza for dinner one evening - each slice is a fraction of the whole pizza.  Maybe you all share a cake for a treat - what fraction of the cake will you eat?   


Let's see what fractions we can recognise in our homes this week - please send me a photo of any practical fractions you find, from cakes to pizza and anything else.  It's great when we can see maths in our everyday lives!!!



N-rich challenges:


N-rich is a great website to use if you want a maths challenge.


Here is a link to a nice one I found this week - it doesn't relate to fractions but it's a nice activity to get you thinking.....