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I shall keep the Topmarks and numberblocks links on here as they are also good resources to dip in and out of as appropriate to support your child’s maths learning.

  • If you have any board games at home that involve numbers (snakes and ladders, bingo, monopoly etc), these are excellent ways of supporting your child’s maths learning as well as broadening their range of skills that come under the Prime Areas in the Early Learning Goals such as turn taking and managing feelings and behaviour.
  • This half term we will be looking at addition and subtraction within 10. We do this in a very practical way ie. I have 2 cubes and 3 counters, how many are there altogether? If you want to practise this at home, you are more than welcome to. We have not fully introduced the children to recognising and writing their own calculations yet so please do not be alarmed if they cannot do this.  Please use TopMarks for any interactive maths games that are appropriate for EYFS children, there is a particular addition one called ‘addition to 10’ that looks really useful!  
  • Top Marks – In Class R, these are the Top Marks games that we have enjoyed playing so far; Shape patterns, teddy numbers, caterpillar ordering and chopper squad.