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Year 5 Wilder Schools

Yesterday, Year 5 had their last Wilder Schools’ session, for this year, with Harriet from Surrey Wildlife Trust.  We did a blindfolded walk through the woods using only a rope to guide us.  We had to use our hands and feet to feel for dangers!  We also played Bird Call, where we were each given a bird call and we had to walk around making the sound and try and find someone else with the same call.   Mini beasts were hunted for in the woods and field.  We found a stag beetle, which Harriet said were becoming a rare species due to loss of their habitat.  She logged its location with Surrey Wildlife, so that their numbers can be monitored. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us, buying bird feeders and seed bombs for us to be able to buy a camera or supplying us with materials for our bug hotels.  We really have improved our grounds to encourage more wildlife to live here. Macaws  Year 5.