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Hello Class R!

We hope you enjoyed the Christmas break! I truly am gutted that I only had a day back with you before the decision was made.

We are so impressed with how well you all did during your first ever term at school and we can’t wait to get going with all of the fun activities planned this term, even if it is online and we don’t get to see your smiley faces! Miss Pringle can’t wait to see you on our Zoom call on Tuesday.

Miss Pringle, Miss Lacey, Miss Blaha and Miss Baxter 

Home Learning:

Dear Parents,

I hope that you were able to access some of the learning on here last week and managed to relax a bit whilst getting used to the current situation. This week, I have included a bit more structure to the learning. Obviously you are only expected to complete what you can amidst working from home and running a household! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me through the office email.

Included in the learning is a timetable for the week, this is just a guide so please do not worry if this does not suit your day. Just do whatever is best for yourself and your child.

I will be posting videos every day for Storytime, phonics and maths or English. These will be links that you simply click on to access, you should not need a login. Each video will be under the appropriate sub page below.

For maths, English and phonics, please make sure that your child has paper/a notebook and a pencil to hand. For some, if not most, of the videos, your child may be able to watch and interact independently but that is entirely up to you. For the tasks that I set the children, I will aim to make them so that the children can complete them independently. This will prepare them for returning to school as well as allowing you to concentrate on your many other priorities! I may include links to or direct you to a website called ‘Oak National Academy’ where they have lots of free pre recorded lessons that your child can join in with independently. Feel free to check out some of the other videos that they have on offer as well.

This Tuesday (12th) we will have our first zoom call as a class at 2pm. Hopefully you have had all of the details for that. This will be every Tuesday at the same time. This week I will just chat to everybody one at a time whilst everybody else listens and then next week, I thought it would be nice if we did a quick show and tell!

If I gave you any resources at parents evening back in October, please prioritise these for your child to use before the things listed below.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

If you find you cannot do academic learning PLEASE DO NOT WORRY! The EYFS curriculum includes lots of enriching learning opportunities that you may find you want to do with your child such as:

  • Cooking and baking
  • Playing board games/doing puzzles
  • Tidying and organising together
  • Decorating
  • Regular outdoor exercise – walks/bike rides

Miss Pringle

Suggested Timetable


All phonics, maths and English will have pre-recorded introductory videos and will be titled clearly so you know which videos are for which days.


AM recorded weekly briefing from Miss Pringle.















Maths/English related activity


Choose from selection of ideas – you do not have to do them all, just whatever you can do/like the look of. Please attend the Tuesday Zoom call at 2pm.

Make your own beanstalk out of junk modelling


Record yourself retelling the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’– can you come up with actions?


Could you plant your own bean and keep a record of it growing?

Tidy up and take a before and after photo/time lapse video.

Youtube – Cosmic Kids Yoga ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’


PE With Joe Wicks – Youtube – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am*

*You do not have to do them live, they are archived on his channel and you do not have to do them all.

Make a birthday card for the next family birthday – can you do the writing inside as well?

Charanga music – Step 1

Build a reading den


Overview of the lessons for the week:









z/y/x revision

Fee Fi Fo Fum– twinkl ebook


The beanstalk was very tall – find 5 things in your house that are taller than you and 5 things that are shorter than you.


Phase 2 Simple Sentences Reading

Miss Lacey’s group – write the captions

It’s not Jack and the beanstalk


Go on a number hunt around the house - write any down that you find


CVC Word spelling activity –

Children to write the words for the pictures on each slide.

Sleeping Beauty Story Powerpoint

Sentence writing mats – children to write sentences.



CVC Word spelling activity – slide 8 onwards

Children to write the words for the pictures on each slide.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Practice spelling and writing ‘Jack’ and Mum’

Challenge: pick some other words from the story to try on your




CVC Word spelling activity – Slide 17 onwards

Children to write the words for the pictures on each slide.

Little Red Riding Hood


Ask a grown up to hide numbers to 10/20/30 and you go and find them all, tell your grown up each number you have found.