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Science Week 2


Last week we looked at the different parts of a plant and you have hopefully now labelled the plants and understand what each of the different parts do.


This week, we are going to think about the things plants need in order to grow.   Have a look at the power-point and there are a couple of tasks below to have a go at.  


I have also attached a flower hunt sheet.  When you are out for a walk, or even in your garden, see which flowers you can spot.



I also thought it would be a really nice opportunity for you to have a go at growing things at home, if you have what you need already.  If you have a packet of seeds, perhaps you can plant a seed and watch it grow over the next few weeks.  Maybe even take some photos so that you can keep a record of its growth.  If you don't have any seeds at home, lots of vegetables can be grown from scraps.  If you like tomatoes, you can use a tomato seed, plant it in the soil and wait for it to grow.  Potatoes, mushrooms, celery are just some of the easy to grow foods which you can grow from your leftovers.  Whatever you have available to you, let's see what Class 3 can grow at home!