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Science / Art


This week, we are going to learn about how water is transported around a plant.


Have a look at this power-point to find out more.  We are then going to have a go at a science experiment.  I will upload more details later today with a video of me doing the experiment, so that  you can see it, if you don't want to or can't do it at home.

So.... let's have a go at doing a science experiment!


Once you have looked at the powerpoint, follow the instructions for the experiment either on the sheet below or watch my video.  If you don't fancy actually doing it, just watch my video and then fill in the sheet from that.  Or have a go yourself if you want - I would love to see what you are able to do!  Then use the sheet to record your findings.  You will need to leave your celery for a while - it could take several days so you might need to be patient with it!!  





There will be two art projects this week.


1)  The first is inspired by Amber!  She has been pressing flowers at home and I thought this is a lovely idea, especially as we are learning all about plants and flowers in our science work. 


You will need:

Flowers - freshly picked - either from your garden (but check with your family first) or wild flowers that you find out on a walk.

Kitchen roll

Some heavy books



-Pick the flowers and place then flat on the kitchen paper (make sure they are dry)

- You can put them face down or on their side

- Add leaves or grass if you want to

- Place another piece of kitchen towel on top

-Sandwich your kitchen towels between several heavy books to press the flowers into the towels.

-Leave for several days and then you will have your artwork!


Here are some pictures of what Amber has been able to make:

2) The second Art activity you can do is another nice easy DIY one.  Leaf rubbings!!  


Have a look at these pictures and website to get some inspiration, then grab some crayons, leaves and a piece of paper and see what you can create!