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SPAG, Spellings and Comp



A few weeks ago we practised apostrophes for both singular and plural nouns. Some of us found it a bit tricky, which is fine (it is tricky!) so I have found a nice BBC Bitesize lesson which hopefully explains it clearly.  There are several tasks to do so pick and choose what you fancy doing.



Here are two comprehension activities for this week.  Remember there is no pressure to do both, just whatever you can manage.  One is linked to our topic and the other is to do with VE Day.


For each activity, there are three different levels - the text and questions get longer and a bit trickier.  Choose the level that you think suits you best.  


Don't forget to read the passage first before reading the questions.  Then look back through the text to find the answers.



I have decided to start posting the weekly spellings on a Monday (instead of a Friday).  You can then practice them through the week and perhaps a parent or sibling can test you on a Friday. Let me know how you get on.


Don't forget to use the spellings to practice your handwriting.