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Ask someone to test you on the words you were learning last week (-tion' was the spelling pattern). 


This week, and for the remaining time we are locked down, it is a really great opportunity to make sure that the spellings you are learning are specific to you. Below are two documents. One is the Year 1 Common Exception Words, the other is the Year 2 Common Exception Words. Start with the Year 1 words. Ask someone in your family to test you on them, then mark them with you. Highlight any that you got wrong and add those words to a list. If there are lots of Year 1 words, just start learning and revising those. If there's not too many. Do the same thing with the Year 2 list. The list that you end up with, is now the list of words you need to practise for your weekly spellings. If there are lots, break them up into chunks of 10 words, per week. 


If your child can spell all the words on both lists, pop me an email and I'll point you in the direction of what to focus on next.