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This week, we are going to think about the different habitats that animals live in.


Have a look at this power-point first to learn more about habitats.  SORRY - the powerpoint is too large to post it here, so I will email it to your parents on Tuesday. 


Then I want you to think about what habitats you have around you, in your garden, in a tree near your house, on your walks in the local areas? Remember - a leaf can be a habitat, as can a tree, a log, underneath a plant pot. 


There are some activities below to choose from, to start understanding that certain animals live in different habitats.  You might want to use the minibeast ID chart and the leaf ID chart to help you.


As always, please pick and choose what you fancy doing - it does not all need to be done.

Task 1:

Have a go at the attached two sheets, matching animals to their habitats and recognising different habitats.

Task 2:

Study a local tree - it might be in your garden, on your street, or in your local area.  Make a poster, using the attached link for ideas, to explain how your tree is a habitat and what you can find living there.  

Task 3:

Draw me a map of your garden or an area of your local park / woodland.  You can use the paper below if you want to.  Investigate the area closely. What habitats can you find? What creatures would you expect to find / can you see? Remember, the cracks and crevices in a wall could be home to as many creatures as a leafy bush.  Don't forget to look under plants, rocks, bushes and plant pots to see what is living there.  Also, look for clues for animals such as holes dug in the ground or nests in the trees.


Label the habitats on your map and tell me what animals you have spotted in your garden or your park / woodland.  You might need to visit the park/wood a few times to spot different animals.  Or watch your garden from inside (animals are more likely to come into your garden when it is quieter). 

Task 4: Can you make a habitat for animals?


Have a look at this link which has some lovely ideas for building habitats.  There are bug hotels, bee houses, bat boxes and they are all fairly easy to make.  Send me photos!!