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Last week we thought about habitats around us (in our trees, our gardens, the local woods etc) and the animals that live there.


This week we are going to look at a completely different habitat - the rainforest.  This will allow us to compare two contrasting habitats.  Will the same types of animals live in both or will different animals live in different habitats?


Have a look at the power-point and video to get started.  As before, there are then different activities to have a go at.  Choose as many as you like and don't forget to share your work with me if you want to!

Task 1: Where do animals live in the Rainforest?  Different animals live in different layers of the Rainforest.  Have a go at this activity to work out where you would find each animal.

Task 2: Animal Fact-file

Can you find out more about some of the different animals who call the Rainforest their home?  Use the slides below, and also the internet and any books you have at home, to research a Rainforest animal.  You can use the sheet below to present your information, or if you would rather make it more like a poster, that's also fine.

Task 3: Design your own Rainforest animal


Now that you know more about the different layers, try this nice activity.  Be as imaginative as you want!

Task 4: Do some drawing.... Lots of plants that we don't find in other habitats, live in Rainforests.  Have a look at them on this power-point.  Then have a go at drawing or painting one.  You can use the internet or books to get more pictures to help you.