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This week we are going to think about how we can protect our environment.  


We are going to look primarily at plastic pollution and the impact of plastics on environments.  But I have also attached a comprehension about deforestation, so if you want to look at that in more detail, I have popped a couple of alternative resources here too.

Then choose any activity you would like to do:


Task 1 - Design a recycling poster for your home.

Task 2 - Make a recycling pictogram... how much do you recycle in your home?
Task 3 - Write a letter to your MP....
Task 4 - have a go at making something out of recyclables

Or you might want to find out more about Deforestation.  


Follow this link to the BBC Bitesize page.  There is a video to watch and under the tab 'Classroom Ideas' you could choose to do any of these activites.


I'd love to see what you do!