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Felbridge Primary School

Finding the best in everyone.

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Vision and Aims

At Felbridge Primary School, we aim to build a community with

challenge, curiosity, creativity, courage and compassion

at the heart of our school.


Through our five core values, we aim together to:

  • develop a lifelong love for learning;
  • be confident to try new things;
  • have respect for others and ourselves;
  • include, celebrate and nurture everyone;
  • have joy and happiness at work and play;
  • aspire to be the best we can be;
  • live life to the full.

Each year we work towards specific actions outlined in our School Development Plan which is underpinned by the goals in our vision. 


 A summary of our current School Development Plan can be viewed or downloaded below once it has been approved each year.


In 2021-2022, we have five main areas which we are focusing on. In addition, each subject team also has their own plans which build out from the main plan, allowing us to keep building and improving our facilities, teaching practice and the experience our children receive.