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Felbridge Primary School

Everyone achieving more than they thought possible

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Vision and Aims

Our Vision


Our school vision is pictorial and is loosely based on the London Underground map. It links closely with the title of 'Journey of a Lifetime'. It enables us to set out clearly our vision in a format that pupils, parents, staff, governors and other visitors to our school can all appreciate. It demonstrates what we believe are the key values of education and outlines our aspirations for making Felbridge Primary School an even better environment to prepare our children for their future. 

Our vision map has five lines, each with its own final station and with several stations to visit along the journey:

Learning Line, Teaching Line, Community Line, Skills for Life Line, Well Being Line

Underpinning our school vision is the school motto:

'Everyone achieving more than they thought possible'

Please click on the pdf link below to see our school vision.

Each year we work towards specific actions outlined in our School Development Plan which is underpinned by our vision for the school. 


 A summary of our current School Development Plan can be viewed or downloaded below. We have six main areas which we are focusing on this year.

In addition, each subject team also has their own plans which build out from the main plan, allowing us to keep building and improving our facilities, teaching practice and the experience our children receive.