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w/b 04.01.21

On Monday, you were introduced to our new book, 'The Storm Whale'. We made some predictions from the title and front cover about what this boy may be about. We will continue to explore this text next week when the video online learning begins. 


For now, it would be great for everybody to practice your handwriting. Below are reminders of where to start and finish our letters. You can also practice forming them with play-doh, shaving foam on a tray, sand, chalk, paintbrush in water outside, train tracks... be inventive!


You can also have a go and practicing the common exception words listed on the website. There is a great website 'writing repeater ict games'. A grown up can write the word how it is meant to be formed and you can copy it.


To give you some inspiration to write about, you could practise writing super sentences. The document below has lots of really cool images that you can write about. Choose one or two pictures a day and try to write 3-5 super sentences. 

Remember, a super sentence needs:

- a capital letter at the start.

- a finger space between each word.

- to make sense.

- a full stop at the end.