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w/b JUNE 15th


Refugee Week Activities

Perhaps you could make a model of a boat for refugees - the link below is just one idea for you. You could design your own and use any materials.


Punctuation: Capital Letter and Full stops

Writing & Maths

Spelling Days of the Week and Ordering them

By the end of year 1 children should know the order (Maths objective)of the days of the week, how to spell them and that they should always begin with a capital letter.

Common Exception Words 

Last week at school we tested the children on the common exception words. We tested both the reading and the writing of them. This week we are going to get the children to make their own set of flash cards of the words they couldn't read/spell and practise them in the weeks ahead. The checklist we used is the same as the one I uploaded a few weeks back in the Spelling section of the Class 1 page, if you'd like to do the same.