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w/b JUNE 8th

June 8th is World Oceans Day so we have lots of sea themed activities this week.


Geography - One of the year 1 targets is to name and locate the 5 oceans.

Spelling - One of the year 1 spelling targets is to know how to add -ing and -ed to words.

Handwriting - At this time of year we start learning how to write smaller and more in proportion - hopefully forming letters correctly has been mostly achieved.

Maths - please continue to use White Rose resources. The latest worksheets have been uploaded in the maths section of the class 1 page. Alternatively, there are some sea themed maths worksheets you can use.

Writing - towards the end of the week you could attempt a sea themed acrostic poem!

Art and Design - lots of sea themed arts and crafts



Once you've watched the 'Our Wonderful Ocean' presentation you might want to design a poster of your favourite Ocean Icon
Once you've watched the 'Our Ocean and Us' presentation you might like to make an ocean diorama