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WHITE ROSE maths lessons

If you have been following the White Rose maths lessons and have reached Summer Week 4, you'll have noticed that the worksheets are no longer free.

We have bought a school subscription to ensure that the sheets are still available to you. The worksheets for all the weeks from Week 4 onwards will be uploaded below. 

The worksheets for the previous 6 weeks are still available on the website

Dear parents


I am so pleased that these materials have been released! We use a lot of White Rose Maths materials in our teaching and these home learning resources that they have developed will hopefully make life much easier for you. There will be new concepts being addressed, similar to what we would be doing now at school, HOWEVER, this does not mean that we are placing any pressure on you and your family to keep up with the pace of it, if you choose to use it at all. When we eventually get back into the classroom we will cater for ALL the children's needs, adapting our teaching to bridge gaps, consolidate or challenge them - depending on what they have done at home.


I also strongly suggest that, if you do choose to use these resources, you start with 'Week 1' and 'Week 2' before 'Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20 April 20)' as you can see on the screen shot below. Some of the learning that takes place in the w/c 20 April lessons builds on prior learning from the previous two weeks. Try to ignore the dates and focus rather on the order and progression of the lessons.


Each lesson comprises a very clear and easy to follow video and several related worksheets. I will also be uploading additional tasks to supplement the materials on this site and will assign related Mathletics tasks.


Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.


Good luck!


Belinda Griffiths