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Felbridge Primary School

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Mrs Jane Fairbourn, Interim Headteacher & DSL
Mrs Laura Oliver, Deputy Headteacher, SENCO & DSL
Mrs Wendy Scott, School Business Mngr, DDSL
Mrs Rachael Sims, Acting Deputy Headteacher & DSL
Miss Charlotte Pringle, Classteacher, Class R
Miss Megan Fennell, Classteacher, Class 1
Mrs Beth Luckett, Classteacher, Class 2
Miss Ros East, Classteacher, Class 2
Mrs Marianne Sloane, Classteacher, Class 3
Mr Joseph Skates, Classteacher, Class 4
Mr Eliot Law, Classteacher, Class 5
Mrs Alison Johnstone, Classteacher, Class 6
Mrs Rebecca Ruffels, Classteacher, Class 6
Mrs Emma Warland, Admin Supervisor
Mrs Karen Vermeer, Admin Assistant
Mrs Nicky Benwell, Teaching Asst & Midday Supv
Miss Michelle Baxter, Tch Asst, Mid Supv
Mrs Anne-Marit Kelly, Special Needs Assistant
Mrs Debbie Pitt, Teaching Asst & Midday Supv
Mrs Helen Polley, Teaching Asst & Midday Supv
Miss Ollie Lamb, Spec Nds Asst, ASC Mgr, DDSL
Mrs Venetia Lansdell-Cobb, Special Needs Assistant
Miss Lilli Lacey, Teaching Assistant & Playworker
Mrs Jules Law, Teaching Assistant & Midday Supv
Mrs Nicki Lavington, Special Needs Asst & Mid Supv
Mrs Laura Smith, Teaching Assistant & Midday Supv
Miss Grace Meeking, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sharon Wright, ELSA
Miss Sarah Blaha, Special Needs Assistant
Mrs Ana Heller, Squirrel's Den Manager
Mr Nick Brand, Caretaker
Mrs Kay Powell, Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sue Radford, Midday Supervisor
Miss Amber Geraghty, Playworker
Mrs Amanda Broughton, Breakfast Club Manager