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Behaviour & Discipline

At Felbridge, we have clear expectations of children's behaviour. We are fortunate in having pupils who, in the main, are co-operative, well motivated and well supported by their parents. Instances of unacceptable behaviour are limited.


The governors and staff are also pleased and proud that the behaviour of Felbridge pupils on school visits, residential trips, and at sporting and musical events frequently draws praise from independent observers, and that visitors to the school often comment favourably on the behaviour they see in the classroom and around school.


It is important that all the adults involved with the care and development of young people work in partnership within an agreed framework. This approach will provide the children with the consistency and certainty they will need if they are to develop the values and qualities required to function effectively in today’s complex world. Our Behaviour and Anti-bullying Policies provide details of the framework within which we work and also of the reward systems and sanctions that are used to support children in making good decisions about their behaviour.