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Our School Day

The school day starts at 8.40am when the gates open.


Registration is between 8.45 and 8.50am and the gate closes at 8.50am. A member of staff will be on duty at the gate. Please ensure your children have safely entered through the gate before leaving.


At the beginning of the autumn term, Year R parents may bring children into school to ensure they are settled and happy.  However, as soon as the children are comfortable in school, we will start to scale this back, starting by asking parents to leave children at the front door and then, usually by October half-term at the latest, we will ask children to enter via the gate and walk through to their classroom.  Over many years of experience, we have learned that coming into school independently makes for a much smoother start to the children’s learning.

Lunchtime is 12.00 - 1.05pm for Reception Class,12.05 - 1.05pm for Years 1 & 2 and 12.15-1.15 for junior classes. There is a mid morning break for all children.

Assemblies take place in the afternoon. We have assemblies led by senior leaders and teachers, a music assembly and a weekly celebration assembly. External guests, including members of St John's Church may also visit to take assemblies.


Afternoon: pick-up arrangements

All children are brought to the main gate. Parents/carers are asked to wait on the path/grass at their time so that children can see them and staff can identify them.



Pick-up time

Year R


Year 1 & 2


Year 3 & 4


Year 5 & 6



Please note the following:

  • We will not let any child leave us until we have identified their parent/carer. 
  • Children in Year 6 may walk home alone if parents have given the office written permission via email or in a letter for this to happen.
  • If children are going home with another child or someone else is collecting your child, you must inform the school office either in person, by email or telephone before the end of the school day.

Children up to the age of five receive free school milk. Once they are five, parents may continue to pay for their child to have milk at snack time. Parents who would like their child to have milk in school are required to register online at

Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to drink through the school day, which they are able to keep in the classroom. Drinking fountains are also provided around the school.

We encourage children to have a healthy snack mid morning. They may either have fruit/vegetables provided through the government scheme to primary schools, or they may bring their own snack.

Opening Hours

Times of the day are listed above.


Based on a registration time of 8.45am, the school day/week is:

Year R6 hrs 20 mins/day31 hrs 40 mins/week
Year 1 & 26 hrs 25 mins/day32 hrs 5 mins/week
Year 3 & 46 hrs 30 mins/day32 hrs 30 mins/week
Year 5 & 66 hrs 35 mins/day32 hrs 55 mins/week


The school office is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm.