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Contact with School

We are always happy to welcome parents and visitors into school. Parents can pass information onto staff in a variety of ways - telephone messages, email messages, a written letter or in person at the school office. If it is necessary to see a classteacher urgently at the start or end of the school day, we do ask parents to come to the school office first.

We provide parents with a weekly newsletter to keep them informed of events and update them with important information. Other letters about specific events are sent separately. Parents may request either a hard copy of correspondence or an email copy.

Where possible we use text messaging to inform parents of changes during the school day, for example, to let parents know if a club has been cancelled.

If there was an urgent school closure eg in the event of severe weather, we would amend the banner on the home page of the website, notify the local radio station and post the closure on the Surrey County Council website. If a closure was necessary after school had started we would contact parents via text, email and phone.

Parental Concerns

Should there be a cause for concern, we recommend that the matter is addressed as quickly as possible through discussion with the relevant member of staff or the headteacher. If such a discussion fails to resolve the difficulty, then a formal complaint can be lodged with the governing body. To do this, please write confidentially to the Chair of Governors via the school office. 

The school has a policy on Parental Concerns in which the agreed procedure for the consideration of such complaints can be found. Should you wish to read a copy of the policy, it can be obtained from the school office. The aim of the procedures outlined in the policy is to ensure that formal complaints are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, bearing in mind the necessity to investigate fully and fairly.