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What are we aiming for?


Music offers a unique contribution to the overall development of the child. It is a powerful, form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. It brings together intellect and feeling and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development. All children have the ability to achieve musically.

At Felbridge we want our children to have a love of music and enjoy singing and performing within the school and wider community. Through a rich curriculum children experience playing, composing and appreciating a variety of music styles and instruments.


How will we do it?


In Early Years and Key Stage 1, children are given the opportunity to explore and work with sound, as well as use an extensive range of instruments. Singing is used to introduce many aspects of music making. Specific music units from Kapow have been chosen to give our youngest children broad early experiences of learning music.

In Years 3, 4 and 5, children receive expert music tuition from Grooveline. The whole class music lessons provide fun, all-round musical tuition, building on skills using a range of instruments, as well as exploring song writing, music theory and cultural history surrounding a range of modern musical genres. We work closely with Grooveline providers to create a bespoke curriculum, in line with our intended outcomes for music.

In Year 6, children are able to consolidate their musical learning from previous years through Kapow units, closely linked to other curriculum areas. An end of year production gives our oldest children a fantastic opportunity to perform and understand the impact music can have on an audience.


Children are encouraged to compose and perform, thereby providing a further means of communication. They are encouraged to listen to a variety of music and actively participate in movement and drama linked to music. Children are given a range of musical experiences from various countries around the world including djembe drums, ukuleles and steel drums.


Visiting peripatetic music teachers offer tuition in a wide range of musical instruments and the school choir has an active role in the school, participating in competitions and concerts throughout the year.