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Felbridge Primary School

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As a maintained school, Felbridge Primary School delivers the statutory content of the National Curriculum. Within that framework, we believe and strive to design a balanced, creative curriculum that will engage and inspire our young learners.

We want every child to fulfil their potential across the curriculum, with opportunities to succeed offered in every subject.

Alongside the skills to read, write and understand maths effectively for their adult lives, we recognise that our children may need, or aspire to have, skills in any subject across the curriculum. We may have future artists, scientists, linguists and more in our midst; we aspire to deliver a curriculum that inspires children to succeed wherever their passions take them.


Our aim is for children to leave school at 18 prepared for further education, employment and the world around them and, so that to happen, for our provision to prepare children for success at secondary school.


You can find out more about our new long term plan, our subjects and other information related to the curriculum, below.

Our curriculum- yearly overview

Curriculum Policy