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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


As a state maintained community school, Felbridge Primary is locally managed by a governing body. The following groups are represented on the governing body - staff, parents, the local education authority and the local community. The role of the governor, in any category, is voluntary.

The governing body work in partnership with staff to develop the school. They meet regularly, working hard to achieve the very best education for all pupils at the school.

Parent governors are elected by their fellow parents and represent their views. If you would like to help the school by becoming a governor, please get in touch with either Co-Headteacher to find out what is involved. All governors are supported by induction and further training opportunities to support them in the role.  



Jenna Duffett (Co-opted Governor)

Term of office ends 03.10.22

Focus: Safeguarding
Member of Finance Steering Group
Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

2017/18: 7 out of 8

2018/19: 9 out of 9

Vice Chair

Aldo Gualtieri (Co-Opted Governor)
Term of office ends 17.08.24

Focus:  Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development  Member of Finance Steering Group

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

  2017/18: 5 out of 8

  2018/19 5 out of  9

Interim Headteacher

Jane Fairbourn

Staff Governor

Eliot Law 

Term of office ends  10.02.23

Subject Leader for Maths, PE and SMSC development.

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:  

  2018/19 4 out of 5

Parent Governors

Petra Edwards

Term of office ends 26.09.23 

Emma Eales

Term of office ends 30.09.23 


Co-Opted Governors


Jenna Duffett (see above)

Julie Nicholson   

Term of office ends 09.12.22

Focus: Data, Finance

Chair of  Finance Steering Group
Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

  2017/18: 4 out of 8

  2018/19 7 out of  9

Rupert Barnes    

Term of office ends 27.09.21
Focus: Mathematics

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

  2017/18: 7 out of 7

  2018/19 7 out of 9


Ron Adams

Term of office ends 01.10.23

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:


Aldo Gualtieri (see above)


Local Authority Governor


Associate member


Paddy Mason
Appointed July 2020

Governors during the last 12 months:






Sarah Sanders

Resigned 13.09.2020 
Focus: English
Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

2018/19    2 out of 2


Eddie Erasmus (LA Governor)  

Resigned 23.01.2020

Focus: Premises

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

  2017/18: 4 out of 5

  2018/19 6 out of 9


Yasmin Ravandi (Headteacher)

Resigned 13.04.2020

Attendance at Full Governing Body meetings:

 2017/18: 6 out of 8

 2018/19: 7 out of  9


Clerk to the Governors Helen Rodgers
Contact details for governors are available either through the school office or via the staff noticeboard.



The following are short profiles of the members of the governing body of Felbridge Primary School which will hopefully provide an insight into everyone’s background and also an indication of the diverse skills and experiences we collectively represent.


Jenna Duffett (Co-Opted Governor)

Chair of Governors                                                                    

With a child at Felbridge Primary I was elected in 2015 as a Parent Governor and transferred to a Co-Opted Governor in 2018 when I became Chair. I have been a parent of the school since 2009 and have always very much loved the community feel of our school. I was also a member of the school PTA committee for six years.  

My day job is a Chartered Financial Planner with 21 years’ experience in financial services and a Director of my own business. My core skills are in finance, and I also manage a team of over 20 staff as well.  As a Director and Compliance Officer, corporate governance and regulation is key to my responsibilities and I have found that the governance of a school is not much different in skill requirement.  

I very much enjoy the role as a Governor as I firmly believe in good education for children and ensuring that they are equipped for all aspects of life at school and beyond.



Julie Nicholson (Co-Opted Governor)                                                            

I have been a member of the Governing Body since 2014, with a specific focus on finance and data.  I am an accountant by training and worked in the financial services sector for 30 years both as a consultant and as an executive within the banking industry, before becoming a non-executive director.  I have a number of voluntary roles as Treasurer of my local tennis club and am a member of the committee of the  parents' association of my daughter's school. I am married with six children, the youngest of whom are now teenagers.  Outside of work I am a keen tennis player and enjoy skiing, theatre and music. 


Eliot Law (Staff Governor)                                                                           

Felbridge Primary School has been a huge part of my life and upbringing. Starting as a pupil at the age of 4, a part time job as a cleaner at 16 to now a class teacher! It is safe to say I feel passionately about Felbridge Primary school and the children that are educated here. My background is mainly in sports coaching, specifically football at Brighton and Hove Albion before studying to become a primary school teacher at Plymouth University. I became a staff governor in 2019 for the opportunity to support a school that is so close to my heart. In my spare time I play squash, cricket and watching the mighty Norwich City.




Aldo Gualtieri (Co-Opted Governor) (Vice-Chair)                                                                  

Both my children have been at  Felbridge, and one is currently in year 4.  I am also an ex pupil and have the most wonderful memories of this place that I hold dear to my heart. When we first moved back I was so pleased that my children were able to attend Felbridge Primary, and when the opportunity came to apply for a position as governor, I jumped at the chance. I have been a governor for over three years now and have enjoyed contributing to the continuing success of the school. I currently run two businesses and have worked in education as a P.E teacher for a special needs school. One thing I have noticed about Felbridge is that everyone that is involved with these brilliant children are amazingly committed to guide and create the best outcomes for their future. I hope that I have, and can continue to, help make Felbridge and its pupils a continued success in the future. 





Rupert Barnes (Co-opted Governor)

I've lived in Blindley Heath for twenty years and was delighted to be appointed a Governor in September 2017. I have run an IT consultancy for over 30 years and we have been involved in a number of education projects including Advanced Skills Teachers, Newly Qualified Teachers, PSHE, pupil self-help and governance.  I have a particular interest in politics, education and equal opportunities.
 I have a firm belief in my old school motto: "a Child's mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled". In addition to running a business, my roles have included programming, system design and project management. 

I hope I can make a useful contribution to the governing body and the school. I am married with two grown up children, one grandchild and a poodle named Prudence. I enjoy skiing, triathlon, swing and ballroom dancing, singing and playing the saxophone.




Ron Adams (Co-Opted Governor)


I am delighted to be appointed as a Co-Opted Governor at Felbridge Primary School.
Married to Elaine, and with two grown up children, we have lived in East Grinstead all our married life. Our daughter Ruth spent many happy years as a teacher at the school.
Now retired, having spent most of my career in the Aerospace Industry where I was responsible for multi million pound contracts providing simulation equipment for the training of civil and military air crews.
This will be my second spell as a governor having spent the past four years at a West Sussex Junior School.
Until recently retired after 12 years, I was a chair of magistrates sitting in Surrey and Sussex. In my spare time I enjoy playing golf, walking on the forest with our dog and spending time with our two grandchildren.
I am looking forward to contributing to the school’s success and ensuring our children receive the best education possible within a safe and happy environment.




Petra Edwards (Parent Governor)

As a former student (I was a pupil when the school celebrated it’s bi-centenary in 1983!) Felbridge Primary School holds a very special place in my heart, and now even more so that my son is a student at the school. Because of this association I am committed to ensuring the continued growth and development of what is, in my view, one of the best primary schools in the area. Education is hugely important to a child’s development and the quality of primary education is fundamental. Giving a child the skills and support to learn, and to develop their curiosity and imagination, can set the framework for their future. As a Solicitor and Notary Public I am pleased to be able to use some of my skills to give something back to the school that gave me such a great start to my own career, and to help it flourish for future generations.




Emma Eales (Parent Governor)

I am delighted to have the opportunity to act as parent governor at Felbridge Primary School. I have two children who are currently pupils in Class 2 and Class 5, I am already fortunate to be involved in various parts of school life as a parent helper. My current working experience is as a Teaching Assistant in an Outstanding School, working with children in KS2, my previous experience is in Early Years Education. I am keen to provide full support to the school in my capacity as governor with a hands on, flexible and fully approachable manner.


Helen Rodgers (Clerk to the Governors)

I am a qualified Company Secretary and worked in London for 15 years including 13 years at a large retail bank. I started as a clerk to the governors at a primary school in Uckfield in 2009 and now act as clerk to a number of local schools which I find rewarding and gives me the flexibility to spend time with my family.