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Our involvement with both the local and wider community runs through much of what we do at Felbridge. This involvement impacts and benefits us all, pupils, staff, parents and governors.

Locally we are part of EGGS (East Grinstead Group of Schools). This is a confederation of local schools who work together for the benefit of all our children. Our involvement provides us with opportunities for staff collaboration and training, events for our pupils and access to additional funding.  It is very much a partnership and although all the schools within the group have their own individual identity and ethos, all feel part of the larger community of schools. The two local secondary schools are also part of the group which helps to ensure effective transition of pupils leaving Year 6 each year.

Our pupils take part in sporting competitions with other local schools.

We have close links with our nearest playgroup, Stay and Play who meet in the Den at the rear of the school.  Children from Stay and Play regularly visit school for a story in our library.

We also have close links with the local church, St John's Felbridge, where we hold our Harvest Festival and our Junior Christmas Service. The vicar is a regular visitor to school. 

We visit the elderly residents of Whittington College and they are invited annually to a lunch prepared for them by Year 6.

We have regular events to raise awareness of and make collections for specific charities. Most recently these have been Crawley Open House, Chestnut Tree House, Just Different and Children in Need. The children, through School Council, help to decide which charities to support each year.