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Basketball Festival

On Tuesday 6th December we took part in a basketball festival at Imberhorne Upper School.  Alongside three other schools, we got taught to pass, dribble, shoot and how to use them in a game.  We played a small game of benchball but with the rules of basketball.  After that we got put in to two teams, an A team and a B team to compete against other schools in friendly five minute matches.  It wasn’t about winning, it was about using our new skills in a five-a-side match but in January we will compete to win.
By Tay and Benjamin
Well done to Tay Aitken, Benjamin Benetar, Fraser Turner, Maisie Holloway, Sophie O’Brien, Lucy O’Brien, Ava Odedra-Sutton, Lucas Hobday, Harry Winn, Alexander Wadham-Smith, Zoey Goldberg and Jasmine FitzHenry.
Thank you to Ms Griffiths for accompanying the children and to all the parents for their help with transport.