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Class 1 and 2

On Monday afternoon, Classes 1 & 2 went on an aeroplane flight around the world! The children all had passports, boarding passes, and hand luggage, went through security, boarded the plane, and watched the safety information. Unfortunately, the pilot had forgotten where the flight was supposed to be going, so the children had to use the contents of five suitcases to decide where they were going. Each case had items that could be useful in different habitats, rainforest, desert, polar, ocean and mountain. Once the children figured out where the cases were for, we told the pilot and took off for our trip around the world, visiting each habitat as we went! 

This was an introductory activity to our new topic 'Carnival of the Animals' during which the children will be learning more about different habitats and microhabitats, classifying animals in different groups, learning about what different animals, including humans, need to survive and lots more!